Because binary trading is very popular all over the globe, it is no wonder that new binary brokers appear often, and offer all sorts of features. But what they all have in common is trading platform, and it is the place where everything happens. If you are just about to start your binary trading career, we will help you pick the best platform and make the trading comfortable, easy and above all – safe.

Differences between platforms

All trading platforms are similar in certain aspects. They all offer assets for trading, charts, information about the changes in the market, and options to trade. However, there are differences between them that can make you chose one over the other.

First of all, the layout is different. They do not all look the same, and you may find some more appealing, some less. They are also not equally fast, and you should always choose the fastest and the most responsive platform. The number of assets is not the same between the brokers, because some offer more and some fewer assets to trade.

For example, Banc de Binary offers over 120 assets, while some other brokers offer only around 60. Lastly, the information you can find on the platform itself are not the same with every broker, and it something you should pay attention to.

Platform providers

If you have visited several brokers’ websites so far, you may have noticed that some have the same platforms. There is nothing to worry about – this is because they use ready-made platforms by various providers. On the other hand, there are brokers that have their own custom-built platform. This can be an advantage o disadvantage, of course, depending on the layout and responsiveness of the platform.

User-friendly layout

Another difference between the platforms of different brokers is how user-friendly they are. You can visit one platform and not be able to find what is what and what is where. On the other hand, there are intuitive and easy to use platforms, which make the trading a lot easier.

Naturally, when you choose the broker, make sure to navigate on the platform for a while before you sign up. This way you will see how easy or difficult it is for you to navigate the platform and find what you need.

Variety of information

A good platform should provide you with a variety of information about the assets and the market. They should be in real time, because it is the only relevant for your trading. Also, the assets you can trade should be available on the platform, the expiry times, type of options and the progress of the trades you make.

Speed and layout

Last but not least, speed and layout of the platform are also very important. If the platform is not fast and responsive enough, this can cost you a lot of money because it prevents you from acting timely. And in binary trading, timing is everything. You should also pay attention to the layout, even though it may seem unimportant.

A platform with clean and simple layout is easier to navigate, and it does not make your eyes tired after a short time. After all, you will need to spend a few hours a day looking at it, so you definitely want it to be appealing and in mild colors. Choose your platform at 10 Best Binary Robots.