People that seek part-time online work that doesn’t require any commitment should look for sites that will pay them for completion of various tasks. This kind of work is the most common type of online money making you will encounter on the internet.

The pay for this sort of work varies depending on a task you have to complete, but in general, the pay is low, and it won’t make you rich. Some of those sites require certain skills while others require nothing but your time. In the end, there are different types of website-based work, and there is a good chance that you will find something you can do in your free time.

Those that seek better-paid jobs should look into other articles. Do note that other forms of online work require specific skills and commitment.

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Biggest paying websites you can use to earn some extra money

You have probably heard about Swagbucks, but you never bothered to check what it has to offer. The easiest way to make money through Swagbucks is to use their search engine. They also offer various surveys that you can complete for cash. Don’t expect a significant amount of money out of a site like Swagbucks.
Even if you complete a ridiculous number of surveys, your account balance won’t reach couple hundred dollars. But if you want to do something in your free time then Swagbucks will give you something to do as well as compensation for doing it.


Fiverr is a site where you can buy various forms of service for five bucks. You can also sell anything, as long as you sell it for five dollars. This site is perfect for people who have some talents, and they don’t know how to make money with them.

For instance, if you teach English language and you want 10 dollars for an hour of your time then you can sell 30 minutes (of your time) for five bucks. People who want improvement of their speaking capabilities will contact you and regularly ask for your service. Even if you get only five dollars for a service, smart people can earn a lot of money through this site.

Other websites that will pay you to work

Here are several other sites where you can make money.

–    IZEA can work along with a blog or as a standalone way to earn money. Tweet, make videos and photos and get paid for doing that.

–    People that have some basic understanding of how websites work can make money with User Testing. You will have to test various sites (which will take up to thirty minutes to finish), and you will get 10 dollars for each site.

–    Project Payday works through trial offers. If you know when to cancel the offer then you will earn a nice amount of cash. If you make a mistake and forget about that, then you will have to pay for the product.